Cannabis Real Estate Loans – The how to and Where tos.

Cannabis Real Estate Loans – The how to and Where tos.

Cannabis Real Estate Loans – The how to and Where tos.

Helping cannabis business owners looking to fund their ventures when traditional banks & other lenders reject their applications.
If you need funding to purchase real estate, venture capital for a new business, need extra funds to cover cost of operations or to expand your marijuana business- we can help. We believe in empowering entrepreneurs with brilliant & unique ideas.

The cannabis industry is like unique. With practicing some creative financing & out of the box solutions we ensure that you get the funding you need.

There are no limits on what we can do for you. Regardless of how much you need, we can help you by funding it. From $20k, or $50 million.

Acquisition of real estate is one of the many challenges in the marijuana/cannabis industry.
The problem for many entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry is that there’s a lack of financing options. Federally chartered banks, and credit unions, cannot offering financing for buildings since marijuana is not legal at the federal level. We offer financing for all types of cannabis real estate loans. Providing cannabis business owners with quick, easy, access to private capital for their goals.
Providing investors with financing for marijuana warehouses, kitchens, retail store fronts, and all other expansionary goals. Our cannabis lending company provides money you need to purchase, or refinance, and existing property. We also provide funding for a purchase, or refinance for owners with existing MMJ tenants.

As an alternative to purchasing your own mmj real estate, we can help you by becoming your investor – and landlord. We have a large fund, set aside for MMJ use building purchases. We can help with all forms of real estate improvements and upgrades.

Below are general guidelines for cannabis real estate loans

  • The property is suitable to qualify for a cannabis commercial loan
  • The property is in a legalized state
  • The property loan to value ratio is up to 80%

What type of Cannabis businesses can be funded?

Funding both growers and sellers. Understanding that it’s important to have warehouses in order to store plants, grow plants, and to sell products. Below are some of the types of cannabis businesses we’ve funded in the past:

-Cannabis producers

-Cannabis Processors

-Cannabis Retailers


and others in the Cannabis industry that need to buy real estate to expand their business.