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RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) while integrating real estate listings effectively is also the best option for boosting your ‘SEO juice’, as updates occur as frequently as once every hour. It has several other advantages as well:

  • Data extraction has become more streamlined;
  • Role-based security eliminates data vulnerability;
  • Cost-efficient due to simple implementation and less need for tech support;
  • A simpler programming model;
  • Provides a range of open source tools and libraries;
  • The use of web services offers benefits like interoperability, usability, reusability, and deploy-ability.

As the name suggests, the use of RETS is restricted to one specific industry – real estate and it’s in great demand in Northern America due to its peculiar RE listings system.

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) is an umbrella term for a particular technology and standards that enable agents to integrate real estate listings from the MLS database into their own websites. Similarly to search engine crawlers, the IDX software crawls an MLS database to extract the relevant data and deliver it to your website, parsed in a searchable format.