Latest update: Nov 16, 2018

Disclaimer of www.cbxrealestate.com

The use of CBX Real Estate website is intended for licensed cannabis properties in united States, Canada & worldwide in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal.

The purpose of CBX Real Estate is for cannabis related businesses such as brands, growers, distributors, wholesalers, dispensaries, retailers, and service providers to list, promote, buy, and sell the products or services within their network on our platform.

CBX Real Estate will verify the information provided by the users (individuals, agents & agencies) for accuracy, and validity based on the available public records. All listing information must be in English language. If any member’s property listing and activity are in contradiction with the above use and purpose and or violates CBX Real Estate terms of use, CBX Real Estate reserves the rights to revoke the membership, remove or suspend the business listing on its platform with no refund at any time. Please contact us if you require further information in this regard.

This disclaimer is being updated frequently without notice.
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