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Advertising on CBX helps individuals & businesses of any size achieve their marketing goals.

Target a unique audience

Every day users are visiting CBX looking to buy, sell or lease commercial properties & search for lawyers, business insurance, franchise, investments, appraisers, consultants & other services. Target them by country, state, and more.

Create easy and effective ads

Whether your goal is to get leads, brand awareness, or promote your services, CBX ads can help you achieve your branding & marketing goals & expand your network's reach. Create an ad in minutes.

Control your budget and costs

Control your spending with flexible pricing options. Start with any budget, Ad type & Ad space. Choose from CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per impressions) or CPD (cost per day) and device type (desktop, mobile or tablet)

Ads for any budget and goal

Choose your Ad goal & pay for your Ad in minutes. All you need is a credit card or a Pay Pal account

The CPD (Cost-Per-Day) price is the amount that gets paid for every day that an ad is on a webpage/site for the whole day.
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Cost per one thousand view of your Ad, also called cost per mille, it is the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage.
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 CPC (Cost per Click)
Sidebar ads:  $120 for 60 clicks
Before & after content ads:  $160 for 60 clicks
CPM (Cost per Impressions)
Sidebar ads:  $16 for 1000 impressions
Before & after content ads:  $19 for 1000 impressions
CPD (Cost per Day)
Sidebar ads:  $90 for  30 days
Before & after content ads:  $320 for 90 days

[Discounts apply for longer term contracts]

CPC (Cost-Per-Click) is the actual price you pay for each click in your Cost-Per-Click marketing campaigns. Great way for lead conversion.
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Cannabis Advertising
Deliver your personalized Ads across all devices

Promote your company to targeted audiences on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Reach your target audiences & drive more traffic to your website that drives more conversions
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Start generating leads in minutes

Add a compelling headline, description and an image. Easy setup so you can reach your target audience in minutes.
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